Implementing a new way of running your business is a scary thing. There are pitfalls everywhere in regards to expectations, usage, bugs and many more. Here at ServiceMate we are dedicated to making the transition and usage as smooth as possible but sometimes things can go wrong pretty quickly, especially for new users!

If you are an existing, new or ‘on the fence’ user, this blog is for you and you can improve your ServiceMate experience.

Acting Slowly when moving to the Job Management System

This is a strange one to start with but I am starting with the biggest. All the engineers I speak to want to or would benefit from using ServiceMate. They want the free trial and they want to start right away to simplify everything. I provide zoom calls, tutorials and much more and the engineer is super excited about using the system until…

The engineer books 1 test job, can’t find the time and then does not use it again until I call.

This is the biggest mistake but also the most difficult hurdle! I understand finding the time is hard but once you commit yourself to the process you will find yourself with more time, money and work!So do yourself a favour and take advantage of the free trial!

Paying For Support And Training

This is a phenomenon that has become popular among companies very recently. You pay for the software then pay over £100 to learn how to use that software! Also any ongoing support is a further charge! So why is this not free?

Lets propose a scenario in which the methods are practiced…

Imagine you bought a dishwasher and then had to pay more money to learn how to turn it on because the company who made it, made the appliance too difficult to work!

In my opinion, its money you do not need to spend and the software should be easy to use and all support should free 24/7. ServiceMate do not believe in this practice and neither should you!

You do not customise

This is more of a user error than the last issue. In my opinion if you pay for a Job Management System, you should be using that system to it’s full potential! This is involves customisation of the application to suit your business!

If you can’t be bothered doing this yourself then get your accounts manager to implement this for you! If you are paying for a system you should be having Automation implemented into every aspect, customised forms that you specifically need and simple things such as company details should all be a factor when using a Job Management System

If not, then you are not making things easier and you are wasting your money! So when you sign up to (for example) ServiceMate, give a call to your account manager and tell them to implement everything for you!

Look ... No Job Management System is going to change your life over night, I can't speak for other software but I know ServiceMate is brilliant. Saying that, nothing is going magically fix everything. These things take time and if you stick with ServiceMate for a few months, you will see the benefits.

A huge mistake is starting a free trial, not noticing any difference because nothing is set up and you are still getting used to the process, then going back to the same way of working and not improving anything. My biggest piece of advice is to stick with it, keep going and after a certain period of time you will notice that many things have changed.

Maybe you have saved money, made money, maybe you have more time. Whatever happens, stick with it and I guarantee you will wish you had signed up sooner.