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The team are the main selling point when it comes to choosing ServiceMate. I have dealt with a few software companies and what many of them lack is customisation and good old fashion relationship management.

DR Electrical

ServiceMate is a UK based business, based in Wakefield with real local people that are around to make the transition as smooth as possible with ongoing support at the end of the phone. Speak with the team who will give you chapter and verse of what it can do for your business…. I’ve used it from day one and I wouldn’t be without it.

Darren Dodds

It’s Literally the biggest timesaver in my life and I’m not sure how I could cope without it. Worth every penny

Washer George

The system also improves the customer journey by providing text en route and email updates on quotes. I would highly recommend integrating stripe payments and this has improved our cashflow since using it

DR Electrical