Integration is a huge part of any software.

That is why ServiceMate is capable of plenty of integration to make your life easier.

With ServiceMate our aim is to simplify you business, that is why with integration you can connect to plenty of other softwares. Want to take payments? Simple! ServiceMate uses Stripe, so you can take payment with ease. Need to find the customer? No problem, once you have input the customer details ServiceMate connects to “Maps” so you can easily be directed straight to the job.

On this page we will run through all the integration that will make your life easier by placing everything in one place. Including taking payments, sending invoices/quotes, creating automation and even sending emails/texts to your customers and engineers, all from one application.

We Can Integrate With,

  • TrustPilot
  • Stripe
  • Maps
  • Invoicing/Quotes
  • Automation
  • Emails/SMS
Send invoices, quotes and take payments.

Why bother struggling taking payment, sending invoices and doing the job you want to do? With ServiceMate everything you need is on the job card! Simply Finish the job, click “financials” and decide your outcome! It literally takes seconds!

Get directions to your jobs.

So you have got the customers details, booked a job and now you need to get there? Simple! On the job card, click “Visits” and click “Directions”. ServiceMate integrates with the map application of your choice and leads you directly to your job!

Why have a SatNav and a phone when you can have both in one?

Automatically send Emails/SMS to your customers and engineers.

ServiceMate has built in automation so with the click of a button you can send messages to your customers and engineers. Want to inform the customer when their engineer will arrive? Want to inform an engineer of a new job? Whatever your message, ServiceMate has you covered!

You can customise your messages with ease and even create your own that can be sent every time.