Do you have any questions about ServiceMate? Hopefully we can answer them here. If not then please contact us and we will do everything we can to help.

Here are some common questions that we receive.

Where do I start?

The most common question we receive is “Where do I start with this?” It’s a good question! The first page you will arrive at upon logging in is the Dashboard but we recommend starting by booking a test job. Click “Book new job” in the top right corner and fill in the details.

Getting to grips with ServiceMate for you and all your staff is not going to come after booking one test job but it is very easy to get used to.

Any help you need is fine with us, that’s why we encourage you to contact us!


My company asks questions to the customer that are not on the default "Book new job" screen. How can I add these questions?

ServiceMate is all about flexibility. This is why we have created “Form Builder”. Not only can you add questions to the customer job card but you can customise every page in ServiceMate!

With this specific question simply click “Form Builder”, “Customers”, on “Customer Details” click “Edit”. From here you can add or take away any questions you want. Scroll down and click “Add”, in “Label” add what question or information you want. “Field Type” is what kind of answer this will be eg, Dropdown. And finally you can decide whether this information is required on the page. If you click “Yes” then you will not able to proceed without answering this question.

Click “Update” and remember you can use “Form Builder” for any page on ServiceMate, so you can customise your business how you want.

I have forgotten my Domain Name, how can I retrieve this?

With ServiceMate your Domain Name is everything but do not worry about forgetting it, we can help.

Before we do anything please check your emails as we will have sent you emails in the past and these will all have your Domain Name on there. If that does not help then go to and click “Login”. From here you can click “Don’t know you Domain Name?” and this will direct you to type in your email and will send you the Domain Name.

If none of this helps then feel free to contact us.

Does ServiceMate include camera intergration?

Yes! When you are on the job there are multiple opportunities to use your camera. Taking photos of the appliance or your surrounding area is easy!

ServiceMate connects to your camera once you click the “Drag & Drop your files or Browse” button. It’s as simple as that.


One of my users has left the business how can I make sure I am not paying for them?

One of your employees leaving the business is always difficult. We aim to make this transition simple.

Simply click “Settings”, “Users”, click “Edit” on the user that has left and on their user page click on the “Can login” button and click “No”.

This ensures that you will not be paying for this user in the future.

Can I use ServiceMate on multiple devices?

We understand that some engineers use two or three devices when on a job as this helps them keep track of things. With this in mind 1 user can use 2 devices at once. If a third device is logged into that user account at the same time, one of the other devices will be logged out.

As frustrating as this can be, this is to stop the risk of overlapping information on a job card, which would be a much more frustrating outcome.