As the summer continues its scorching journey, punctuated by occasional thunderstorms, we’re here to bring you the latest updates and enhancements on ServiceMate. July has arrived, and amidst the changing weather patterns, we’ve been hard at work to ensure your field service management experience remains top-notch.

Efficient Collaboration for Team Visits

With this powerful addition, you can effortlessly assign a primary engineer and two additional engineers to a visit, ensuring seamless coordination and efficient scheduling.

Imagine having the ability to designate a primary engineer who leads the visit, with the flexibility to assign supporting engineers who will join and contribute. Our intuitive interface allows you to allocate the right resources for each visit, enhancing teamwork and maximizing productivity.

But that’s not all—each engineer’s calendar will reflect their assigned visits, ensuring accurate availability and efficient daily planning. The visit slots will be deducted from their allowance, providing a real-time overview of their workload.

With the “Multi-Engineer Visit” feature, you can optimize collaboration, balance workloads, and deliver exceptional service as a unified team. Say goodbye to manual coordination and hello to streamlined teamwork!


Flexible Invoicing Made Easy

We’re excited to present our “Multi-Invoice” feature, designed to simplify your invoicing process and offer tailored billing options. Now, you can effortlessly separate initial callout charges from subsequent charges for a job, providing greater clarity and flexibility.

With this powerful addition, you can easily create multiple invoices for a single job, ensuring precise billing at each stage. Whether it’s a callout fee or subsequent charges for services rendered, our intuitive interface allows you to specify and track them individually.

But that’s not all—sending out invoices and collecting payments is a breeze too! Our integrated payment links enable you to share invoices with customers, making it convenient for them to settle their accounts online. Say goodbye to confusion and hello to streamlined cash flow!

With the “Multi-Invoice” feature, you can provide transparent and itemized invoices, clearly separating the initial callout charge from subsequent job charges. Experience the freedom to customize your billing process and enhance customer satisfaction.

Simplify Long-Term Equipment Management

We’re excited to unveil our powerful “Assets” feature, designed to revolutionise how you manage appliances and equipment at customer addresses. With this game-changing addition, you can effortlessly keep track of installations, monitor their health over time, and seamlessly handle decommissioned units—all in one place.

Gone are the days of searching through endless paperwork or struggling to recall the history of an appliance. With “Assets,” you can easily register installations, associate them with specific customers and addresses, and keep detailed records of their maintenance and service history.

Want to know the status of an appliance at a glance? Our intuitive interface allows you to monitor its health, track repairs, and schedule preventative maintenance, ensuring optimal performance throughout its lifespan.

Even when an appliance reaches the end of its journey, marking it as decommissioned is just a click away. This information is then stored for future reference, helping you streamline future jobs at the same address and providing valuable insights for your team.

Say goodbye to the hassle of managing long-term equipment—it’s time to embrace the convenience of our “Assets” feature. Discover how it can transform your field service operations and deliver exceptional customer experiences.


ServiceMate is committed to delivering excellence in field service management. We are working tirelessly to bring you even more exciting features and enhancements in our upcoming August update. Stay tuned for an enhanced experience that will take your operations to new heights. Get ready to unlock the future of field service management with ServiceMate!