I get questions every day about ServiceMate. Some of them are different and are genuine bugs, user errors, how to’s etc but most of the time however, the questions are the same. This is why I have created a blog of the most common questions I receive in regards to ServiceMate.

If you have asked a question that is in this blog, do not worry, I am more than happy to answer any questions you have! Saying that lets start with the most common question I receive which is…

“I use Quickbooks/Cashflow/Zero can this be integrated into ServiceMate?”

The short answer is no however, this is something we are looking to integrate in the future. The long answer is, why would you want this integrated?

I understand that you already use a system and changing that is daunting however, ServiceMate logs all your payments, invoices and quotes the customer and updates the financials as you go. With ServiceMate already having these features there is no need to have integration of financial related apps. You are creating yourself more work by using two pieces of software.

Do any of these apps manage reports, staff, customer and all aspects of admin? No? Well why not cut your costs and just use ServiceMate?

“Why is ServiceMate running so slowly for me today?”

This is a tricky situation as obviously ServiceMate is running slowly for you but never for me. The only answer we have found (after doing lots of research) is that the internet connection in the area you are in is not great. You are on the road, you have gone into an area with poor signal and the app is not working to its full potential because of this.

Bare with it. This is not a ServiceMate design flaw.

“I also sell appliances, can ServiceMate accommodate this?”

Yes! This is why ‘Form Builder’ is here. The default version of ServiceMate does not have ‘selling full appliances’ set up. This is because the application was designed specifically for domestic appliance repairs. However, with ‘Form builder’ you can create any forms you want to accommodate your business! So get going!

“Do I have to download ServiceMate?”

No you do not. ServiceMate is a web browser. The reason is because your jobs will update instantly on a browser. If ServiceMate was an app, job management would be delayed and make running the business much more difficult

“This looks too complicated! I am only a one man band so can I not get a simple version?”

There is no simpler version of ServiceMate. The application is capable of amazing things to suit any business. If you are a one man band, do not worry, you do not have to use all the extra features! But… I do promise that these extra features will help you even if you think they won’t.

“Can I use multiple devices on one user account?”

On one user account you can use both a laptop/computer and a tablet/phone simultaneously. You can’t use two laptops, two phones or 3 devices at the same time. This is stop people abusing the system and breaking ServiceMate.

If an engineer and admin staff can both use the same user at the same time, there are going to be issues.

“I have quite a few admin staff and engineers, can I get a special rate?”

So as you hopefully know ServiceMate is £59 Per month plus £15 per user.

  • ServiceMate will cap at £250 per month.
  • So if you have over 10 users, you will only pay £250 per month no matter how many users you have!
  • Its a bargain!

That’s it for this blog! Remember if you have any questions, feel free to contact the ServiceMate team.