Here at ServiceMate we believe that saving time and money without sacrificing the customer experience is the most important aspect of business.

Job management is not just for the big businesses, it applies to all traders, all the time. Running your business efficiently is the heart of any company, from 20 man staff to a 1 one man band.

With that in mind here are the top 5 reasons a Sole Trader should invest in ServiceMate.

Time Saver

ServiceMate has already been proven to save 15 minutes per job, this means you would save over 2 hours a day using ServiceMate and with the application’s reports generator, ServiceMate saves you report time also!

Having all your work in one location

Most engineers we speak to have bits of paper everywhere with different jobs,parts to be ordered, quotes etc written down and flung around the house so when it comes to invoicing or reporting their monthly income, the nightmare begins. Why would you not want all your work in one area? This would simply streamline the whole business!

More paid work for you

We know that ServiceMate costs money but hey! We spend all day working too! The way we look at it, is that if you save 15 minutes per job then you will have time for more paid work! That is, if you want that. Feel free to put your feet up.

Route planning

Yet again we are thinking of saving time! Maps integrate directly from ServiceMate to your phone. “This is my next job” *clicks directions*. That’s it!

Free 24/7 support and set up

We understand moving to a new way of managing your business is difficult but that’s why our support team will implement everything for you, organise zoom calls to show you around and be available at all times to help you with any issues you have.

Remember there are many more reasons as to why ServiceMate is the best of the best in regards to domestic appliance engineering and many things that I have not mentioned such as reporting, automation, sending invoices/quotes and much more!